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Adult Programs

adult martial arts classes in Singapore
Begin your journey:
 You have it in you to earn your black belt. Begin with our Level 1 Beginners Classes.

Our adult program, for people aged 13 years old and above, will take you step-by-step through the 10 ranks (kyu grades) that will lead you all the way from total beginner to black belt.

In our Level 1 classes you will learn fundamental skills and develop a strong foundation upon which further skills can be developed. Your confidence will soar with each class. You will learn key concepts, fundamental postures, essential footwork, striking and kicking, how to fall to the ground safely and return to your feet.  You will learn how to apply these skills against a wide range of attacks. You will earn your first two ranks, put on your green belt and be ready to join our Level 2 classes as your progress along your journey to black belt. 

In our Level 2 classes you will build on the foundation you have built in our Level 1 classes. You will be learning more quickly than ever before as you train with with higher level students, all of them helping to bring out your best. These classes include basic and advanced training alike with a particular focus on balance, distance, timing and angling. You will learn more advanced footwork, new  ways of striking and kicking, joint locks, throws, chokes, escapes, knife defence, further ground defence skills, weapons training and more.  You will learn how to apply these skills against a wide range of attacks and be on your way to  proudly donning your black belt. 

  • It takes the average student training twice a week 3-4 years to earn  a black belt. Advancement is on merit so individual rates of progress may vary.

Monthly seminars: These regular seminars cover specific topics in greater depth, providing additional training opportunities and a chance to explore different aspects of our vast art.