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Freedom from fear

Posted by in Blog on January 30, 2015

Someone asked me the other day whether it was different teaching Ninjutsu to Singaporeans than to others. It was an interesting question because, apart from being foreign myself, I have Singaporeans, Malaysians, French, English, American and Filipinos among my students. The person who asked me – a Singaporean father – was asking because he felt


The benefits of martial arts training

Posted by in Blog on January 21, 2015

I am always extolling the virtues of martial arts training because I know the powerful impact it can have on your life. However, I am a martial arts instructor so my singing the benefits of martial arts training can come across like a sales pitch. That is why I was delighted to see that Black Belt,


The price of peace of mind.

Posted by in Blog on January 8, 2015

I am dismayed to be writing about knife defence again having done so after the Raffles Place stabbing several months ago but sadly I feel I must. After the Raffles Place stabbing I only half-jokingly told a friend of mine who teaches knife defence that it was shameful the way people like us use a


The pyramid of improvement

Posted by in Blog on December 11, 2014

I’m not big on New Year’s resolution but at this time every year I do like to reflect on the year that has passed and the year ahead. The problem is that I am little bit like a rat in maze in one of those psychology experiments – I always end up doing the same


Reflections on Knife Defence

Posted by in Blog on November 16, 2014

The recent stabbing in Raffles Place has shocked a lot of people and generated a lot of chatter in the martial arts community here so I thought I would share some of the teachings from my dojo on surviving knife attacks. 1. Recognise that you are fighting for your life. Knives are dangerous weapons whether


How Ninjutsu Made Me A Great Speaker

Posted by in Blog on November 12, 2014

Ninjutsu has taught me many things over the years and among them is the value of thinking about and doing things differently. This has really helped me have some unexpected successes in my life. Let me share one of them with you. Earlier this year I was invited to make a presentation to 600 people


Parents Love Our Childrens Classes

Posted by in Blog on November 10, 2014

Our Ninjutsu program for children is up and running and off to a great start with most people who tried it out deciding to join. Many things makes our children’s program special but we are especially proud of two of them: our unique, fun learning style and our full character development program. Fun learning style:


Increased Confidence Through Martial Arts

Posted by in Blog on November 4, 2014

I was having an interesting chat the other day with a mother who was hoping that martial arts training would improve her child’s confidence. I assured her that martial arts are a great way to boost confidence and self esteem and I know because I have seen it help so many people over the years.


The Top 8 Martial Arts Myths Exposed

Posted by in Blog on November 3, 2014

There are a lot of misconceptions about martial arts training and unfortunately these stop many people enjoying the many benefits that martial arts training offers. Here are the top 8 myths that stop people enrolling in a martial arts course. 1. I am too unfit. Why not use martial arts to help you get fit