adult martial arts classes in Singapore
Begin your journey:
 You have it in you to earn your black belt. Begin with our Level 1 Beginners Classes.

Our Adult program (14 years old and above) will take you step-by-step through the 10 ranks (kyu grades) that will lead you from total beginner to respected black belt

In our Level 1 classes you will develop a strong foundation. Your confidence will soar as you learn:

  • Key concepts
  • Fundamental postures
  • Essential footwork
  • Striking
  • Kicking
  • Blocking
  • How to fall safely – and return to your feet
  • Introduction to weapons
  • Strength and fitness for martial arts
  • Improve your balance, co-ordination and proprioception
  • And much more

You will learn how to apply these skills against a wide range of attacks. You will earn your first two ranks, put on your green belt and be ready to join our Level 2 classes

You can even add our video lessons to you membership, a missing piece in many martial arts programs that could more than double your learning speed.  The traditional way to learn a martial art is to attend a lesson, learn a skill, practise that skill as best as you can remember it, then get mistakes (if any) corrected in your next lesson. It works but it is inefficient. When learning something new, students often cannot remember everything that were taught so, they practise with missing pieces and this slows their progress despite their hard work. With our online lessons, however, you can watch a quick refresher lesson – covering all the key concepts and details – then go and practise correctly. Think how much faster you will be able to learn when practising right! 

In Level 2  you will be learning more quickly than ever before as you train with with higher level students, all of them helping to bring out your best. These classes include:

  • Basic and advanced training
  • A focus on balance, distance, timing and angling
  • Advanced footwork
  • New ways of striking
  • Unique kicking methods
  • Joint locks
  • Throws
  • Chokes
  • Escapes
  • Knife defense
  • Ground defense skills
  • Weapons training (blades, sticks, flexible and projectile weapons)
  • And much more.

You will learn how to apply these skills against a wide range of attacks and be on your way to proudly donning your black belt. 

  • Monthly seminars: You can also choose to attend our regular seminars that cover specific topics in depth such as a particular weapon, school or element of training.