If you have thought about learning Ninjutsu but lacked the confidence to do so then our Beginners Classes might be what you are looking for. They are designed not only to teach you the basics but they are also lessons in learning how to learn as you progress.

Traditionally, our art has been taught in the Open Class format in which people of all levels train together and that is certainly a great way to learn but some people find that challenging in the beginning, especially if there are mostly very experienced people in that class.

In our Beginners Classes you were learn the key postures, fundamental evasive footwork, basic strikes and kicks, how to fall to the ground safely and how to roll back to your feet. You will also be introduced to concepts such as distancing, targeting and attitude plus some of our art’s key philosophies. These are the building blocks of our art. All this is taught in an engaging way that assumes no prior knowledge. These are

On top of this, these lessons help prepare you to progress to our Open Classes by teaching you how to learn. Our lessons in postures and footwork, for example, are taught in a way that allows new students to use them as map to understanding almost any technique. This means that when you progress to our Open Classes and are faced with new and more advanced techniques, you will have something of a mental toolkit that will help you understand what is being taught.

Some new people start with just Beginners Classes, some jump straight into the Open Classes and some choose to do a mix of both. We even have some quite experienced students who still join the Beginners Classes because they find them so valuable. So there is no one path.

But if you are interested in learning Ninjutsu, we have a path for you.

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