Singapore is a society that puts of a premium on education with parents sending their kids to hours of tuition and children doing hour upon hour of homework to pass highly competitive exams.

In our technology-driven world, education is more important than ever. However, it may well not be the most important thing children need to learn. That could be resilience or in more plain speak – grit!

Knowing mathematics is hugely important but what is required to become good at mathematics is the determination to put in the work required to learn it and the resilience not to give up when it gets hard.

Chinese is the most important language in our region but even more important is the willingness to keep going when the memorization of endless characters weighs you down.

We spend a lot of time worrying what children need to learn but much less time on what they need in order to learn it – grit.

This is where martial training comes in. Grit means not giving up and that is what Ninjutsu is all about. Ninjutsu actually translates as “the art of perseverance’. It is literally at heart of what we do.

Grit is all about keeping going. It is about getting up when you fall down. It is about hanging in there when the proverbial going gets tough.

Grit is what our martial arts programs can teach children, which they can then use to get better at mathematics and Chinese and whatever else they turn their mind to.

Do not overlook this vital component of your children’s education.

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