martial arts classes for children in SingaporeWant better grades? Martial arts training is a fantastic way to improve your focus and discipline.

Welcome to Singapore Ninjutsu, Singapore’s premier traditional martial arts school and the only one teaching authentic Ninja and Samurai martial arts to children.

We have a maximum class size of just 10 students per class and this is not a social distancing measure but something we have long prided ourselves on. Small classes mean children receive first-rate martial arts instruction.

Our renowned children’s syllabus for kids aged five years old and above delivers more than lessons in punching and kicking. From the very first lesson your child will start experiencing the many benefits of martial arts training including:

Fun                     Fitness               Self-defense            Confidence

Focus                  Friendship        Respect                    Better Grades

Discipline            Leadership       Perseverance          Good behavior

Our program features:

  • Unarmed self-defense skills of Japan’s famed ninja and samurai warriors
  • Ninja weapons including sword, staff, shuriken (throwing star) and more
  • Exotic skills such as special ninja walking and calming breathing methods
  • Values-based syllabus that includes a full character development program
  • Lessons in handling peer pressure and coping with bullies
  • Supportive training environment in which we celebrate each other’s success
  • Fun teaching method with minimal repetition
  • Strength and fitness for martial arts
  • Improve your children’s balance, co-ordination and proprioception
  • Bespoke children’s grading syllabus and no grading fees

Please read that last point again. We do not charge for rank (except for online rank assessment). If your child earns a belt promotion, you know they earned it – and so will your child – because we are not making any money out of it.

We use a rolling curriculum so students of all levels train together and new students can join at any point. All students learn the same thing over the course of the cycle, even though they start at different times.

You can even add our video lessons to you membership, a missing piece in many martial arts programs that could help your child learn twice as fast. The usual way to learn a martial art is to attend a lesson, learn a skill, practise that skill as best as you can remember it, then get mistakes corrected in your next lesson. When learning something new, however, it is hard to remember everything so students often practise with missing pieces, which slows their progress. With our online lessons your child can watch a quick refresher lesson – covering all the key concepts and details – then go and practise correctly. Think how much faster your child will be able to learn when they are practising right!

Our age-appropriate classes mean we have a syllabus that is right for your child:

Ninja Starters: (5-7 years old): Postures, strikes, kicks, evasion, blocks, leaping, landing safely from falls, weapons (sword, half-staff, shuriken), ground defense and more.

Little Ninjas (8-10 years old): Postures, strikes, kicks, evasion, blocks, landing safely from falls, weapons (sword, half-staff, shuriken), ground defense, calming and energising exercises…and more

Samurai Warriors (11-13 years old): Postures, strikes, kicks, evasion, blocks, landing safely from falls, weapons (sword, half-staff, shuriken), ground defense, calming and energizing exercises … and more.