2020 has been the worst year in living memory for many people but with the yearend just a few weeks away, we are giving you the opportunity to get something good out of the year – a one-off chance to lock in 2020 prices for all of next year and beyond.

That’s right. If you join before yearend – and our dojo will be open right through the holiday period – you’ll not only beat the New Year price rise, you’ll continue to enjoy 2020 prices for as long as you are a member of the dojo. You will be saving money year after year.

These future savings will be on top of the incredible savings of up to $500 that we are offering in the Yearend Super Specials advertised on this site.

DON’T MISS OUT. Fill out the contact or registration forms on this page now, join in December and start saving money.

*Do not reply to this blog post but fill out the contact form to take advantage of this offer.

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