“Control your emotions or they will control you,” – Samurai maxim

Physical activity has always been a good way to release some aggression and punching and kicking a bag will certainly let out some angst. Martial arts and sports such as boxing have long been used for this purpose.

Releasing some pent-up office rage has its place, for sure, but shouldn’t martial arts training offer more than that? Shouldn’t they help you manage your aggression in a more productive way? Shouldn’t they help you become a better person? Isn’t that part of what martial arts are about?

In Ninjutsu, our training certainly provides for stress release but it also includes ways to manage our emotions. These include philosophical teachings to help us understand ourselves and others, breathing exercises and techniques to help us change how we are feeling. We even have different fighting techniques to reflect our different emotional states.

So if you’ve got some angst you’re not sure what to do with and you’re looking for more than just lashing out at a punching bag and waiting until the stress starts to rise again Ninjutsu might have something to offer you. Give us a try.

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