Just another update in light of the new measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. WE WILL CONTINUE TO HOLD ALL SCHEDULED CLASSES, however we are implementing further measures and we need your help to help up us implement them.

Mr. Lawrence Wong, the National Development Minister who co-chairs the COVID-19 task force, has said that gyms (we are a martial arts gym) and yoga studios would not be closed but would be if they are unable to uphold the principles of safe distancing. Therefore we are adopting the following new measures to ensure we uphold these principles and we require your help and co-operation.

We are also developing video lessons to help your child practice at home (and even with their parents!) both as a supplementary learning tool and to keep classes going in case we need to shut our doors for a while. Until then, we are operating on the following basis:

– maximum class size of just 8 students (down from 10 so that the number of people in the dojo will not exceed 10 even with 2 teachers.)
– to help us manage this, we are asking all students to notify us to confirm attendance at least the day before class (except in emergencies) so we can ensure small classes. Students who have not confirmed their attendance will be sent home if there are more than 8 people in the class.

– Parents/Guardians/Helpers will not be allowed sit and watch their kids classes until further notice. Please drop them off at the start of class and pick them up at the end of class. The ideal would be to drop them at the front door. Being punctual will be of great help.
changed lesson plans so there is no training in pairs whatsoever. All training will be solo. We shall be working out the best way to keep it interesting.
 spacing out of kids in class so they are 1.8 metres to 2 metres apart
– temperature checks of everyone who enters the dojo. COVID -19 has people in a panic worldwide with everyone understandably trying to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. So where do martial arts (and other similar co-curricular activities) fit into our new COVID-19 world in terms of risk?
regular and continuous disinfecting of our dojo facility, right down to door handles and window sills
daily disinfecting of all equipment after every class including kicking and punching pads, rubber throwing stars, wooden training swords and any and all other equipment used.

– Asking students not to attend class if they are sick at all (even if it’s minor).
– Ceased running seminars for external parties

We thank all of you for your continued support and help with the above. We appreciate that this involves a bit of extra planning and work for you, but we feel it’s a small price to keep everyone safe and also keep everyone learning.

Singapore remains on Dorscon Orange alert. We will continue to monitor and follow advice and directives from the Singapore Government as the situation requires.

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