Our children’s classes have become so popular that we have added new kids’ classes, including – by popular demand – Saturday afternoon classes for the first time.

We now offer children’s classes six days a week so there has never been a better time to get your kids off those mobile phones and tablets and into shape with Singapore’s only dojo teaching authentic ninja martial arts to children

Children today are lucky with more choices of recreation and education than ever before. This is wonderful but it is also a headache for parents trying to find the right activity for their child. Martial arts are a great choice as they tick lots of boxes.

Few activities offer as many benefits as a proper martial arts program. No other activity can get children into shape, teach them discipline and respect, improve their focus to help them learn (and learn how to learn), encourage resilience, build confidence and, of course, bully-proof them with self-defense skills.

Parents have been requesting Saturday afternoon classes for a long time and as we pride ourselves on small class sizes (maximum 10 students), they are sure to be popular. Book your child’d free trial class NOW so as not to miss out.

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