Online Learning for the modern ninja

Our unique Online Learning Portal is the missing piece in many martial arts programs. Our growing library of more than 120 video tutorials enables you to learn faster by providing you with lessons between classes, when travelling, when too busy to make it to the dojo, unable to train due to COVID-19 (think Circuit Breakers) or for students who would just rather pursue lessons online.

We have online syllabuses for: 

Our Online Learning Portal is ideal for: 

  • Students who want to learn twice as fast. The traditional way to learn a martial art is to attend a lesson, learn a skill, practise that skill as best as you can remember it, then get mistakes (if any) corrected in your next lesson. However, as is normal when learning something new, students often cannot remember exactly what they were taught so end up practising with missing pieces and this slows their progress. With our online lessons you can watch a quick refresher lesson – covering all the key concepts and details – then go and practise correctly. Think how much faster you will be able to learn when practising right! 
  • People with busy work and study schedules. There are times when work  schedules, travel demands or looming exams make it hard to get to the dojo for class, or at least get there at scheduled class times. Our online lessons mean you never have to miss out on lessons during busy periods again. You to train in the dojo when you can, and you train at home when it suits you. We can even tailor special memberships combining both dojo training and online lessons for busy people. Talk to us.
  • Everyone when we cannot train due to COVID-19 restrictions. COVID-19 could be with us for a while and our online lessons mean students can continue learning uninterrupted as social distancing measures are imposed and eased and Circuit Breakers come and go.
  • Students who prefer online learning. Full disclosure. There are some things in our art that you cannot learn online and some things you can learn online but not with current social distancing restrictions (e.g. some things require working in pairs at close range.) However, there are LOADS of things that you CAN learn online, even with current restrictions in place and our online program has been DESIGNED to meet Circuit Breaker and social distancing restrictions. We have even developed  bespoke online grading/ranking system whereby you can earn rank by Zoom assessment or sending in a video of you or your child demonstrating the skills and, when good enough, we’ll award you rank! 

Our Online Learning Portal has more than 120 video lessons and we will be expanding and upgrading the quality as restrictions allow.

If you join us for regular classes in our dojo we can offer you access to our video lessons for a small premium. But if you just want access to our online lessons, you just join on a monthly subscription for $57 a month, which gets you access to our entire syllabus. You can cancel any time you like (no lock-ins). Then simply pick the right syllabus for you or your child and start studying the material for your first rank. When you feel you are ready, let us know and we’ll arrange for your rank assessment.