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Martial arts have always been about far more than punches and kicks and my dojo has always boasted a strong focus on personal development. Building on this, and response to requests for this for a long time, I am delighted to be venturing into the world of Life Coaching and Executive Coaching with the fine folks at StayingSane101.

Here is what StayingSane101 have kindly written about me, my background and the coaching services I’ll be offering:

Nachum Kaplan is a life coach with a relaxed style and a sense of humour that serves his sophisticated ideas about people – who and what we are, how we think and feel, and what we can do.

He believes that while school has done a good job of teaching us to read, write and count, we need other skills too. We need to learn about overcoming self-doubt and low self-esteem, avoiding burnout, maintaining balance in our lives, managing anger, stress and anxiety, dealing with major life changes and events, communicating better in personal and professional relationships and dragging ourselves out of those ruts we all fall into.

Most of us don’t realise we were never taught these things until we find ourselves stuck in our lives, struggling in our jobs, unhappy in our relationships and out of control.

Nachum helps clients take stock of their lives, know themselves better, figure out what they want and what is holding them back then works with them on finding a way to get there.

Redefining priorities, identifying self-limiting beliefs and habits, establishing goals, offering alternative perspectives, finding ways to stay resilient and cope with stress more positively and forming actionable strategies for achieving them are some examples of his coaching approach.

Nachum draws on proven tools from applied psychology, over two decades of international executive level corporate experience and special techniques of self-mastery he has gained as a 7th degree black belt and qualified teacher in the ancient Japanese martial art of Ninjutsu.

Nachum is a Certified Life Coach, has completed the Advanced Leadership Program at INSEAD Business School in Singapore and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree at Monash University in his native Australia. Formerly a financial journalist for over 20 years he has held global leadership positions at some of the world’s top media companies, including Thomson Financial and Reuters News. He founded Singapore Ninjutsu, the country’s only full-time Ninjutsu school, which is where you’ll find him when he is not coaching.

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