I am dismayed to be writing about knife defence again having done so after the Raffles Place stabbing several months ago but sadly I feel I must.

After the Raffles Place stabbing I only half-jokingly told a friend of mine who teaches knife defence that it was shameful the way people like us use a tragedy to market out martial arts teachings. He took my point but he also said “it (violence) is getting closer to home.”

I did not agree with him. I said the stabbing looked very much like a planned attack and not a random act of violence. I added that Singapore still had one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

I am now wondering if he was right, however, because someone I know and his friend were recently victims of a knife attack. One of them suffered a cut to the back (fortunately not a deep one.) Singapore still has a very low crime rate and an even lower violent crime rate but we must heed those police signs that warn us that “low crime does not mean no crime.”

Knives are very dangerous weapons and knife defence is difficult and far from full-proof skill. It is something that takes time and effort to learn and even more time and effort to hone and maintain. You cannot do a 10-week self defence course or a one-day knife defence seminar and think you are safe. Unfortunately it requires constant and dedicated training.

That is the price of peace of mind.

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