We are proud to announce that we have now launched our new Level 1 Beginners syllabus, introducing substantial improvements to our old one, which in itself produced great results.

Our new nine-lesson syllabus includes a lesson on the key topic of balance breaking, which was previously taught only at higher levels, and more examples of how to apply the techniques taught. In short, our new program is more practical and less theoretical and feedback on our trials of the new syllabus have been incredibly positive. We believe we are right on target with this one.

Our Level 1 one syllabus rotates through nine lessons. This means new people can join at any time and work through the lessons (you don’t need to start at Lesson 1.

We’ve also made the links between the lessons stronger so that each lesson re-enforces the previous lessons even as the focus shifts to a new theme.

The nine lessons in the new syllabus are:

Lessons 1 & 2: Postures and how to apply them

Lessons 3&4: Evasive footwork

Lesson 5: Striking (part 1): The three key fists

Lesson 6: Blocking

Lesson 7: Striking (part 2): Eight more fists

Lesson 8: Kicking

Lesson 9: Balance breaking

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