Our Ninjutsu program for children is up and running and off to a great start with most people who tried it out deciding to join. Many things makes our children’s program special but we are especially proud of two of them: our unique, fun learning style and our full character development program.

Fun learning style: Endless repetition is one of main reasons children don’t stick around long enough to enjoy the many benefits of martial arts training. We solved the problem by developing a unique syllabus that hides the repetition so well that kids are too busy having fun to get bored or lose interest. Half of sucess is turning up and our approach means kids are eager to turn up.

Mat chats: We don’t just claim to teach values such as courtesy, respect and honesty – we actually teach them. At the end of each we sit down with children and talk about how values such as these can help them live happier, more effective lives.


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