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Singapore Ninjutsu offers martial arts classes for adults and children.
Learn authentic ninja and samurai martial arts for fun, fitness, and self-defence.

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Our Ninjutsu Blog

Written exclusively by Sensei Nachum

Developing a growth mindset

Developing and maintaining a growth mindset is one of the keys to success in learning a martial art. A growth mindset is one in which you believe you can change, learn new things and improve. Read more…

Life Coaching

Martial arts have always been about far more than punches and kicks and my dojo has always boasted a strong focus on personal development. Building on this, and response to requests for this for a Read more…

Quality or convenience

Choosing the right martial arts class for your child is difficult and one of the biggest challenges is thinking about the trade-off between convenience and quality. Driving your kids all the way across the island Read more…

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