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Where you can learn authentic Ninja and Samurai martial arts

Authentic Ninja Arts

We train in a fun, supportive environment in which we help each other learn and enjoy each other's success.

Adult Martial Arts

Your confidence will soar with each class while you learn key concepts fundamental postures, essential footwork, striking and kicking.

Children's Classes

Want better grades for your child? Martial arts training is a fantastic way to improve your child's focus and concentration.

Online Learning Options

Modern solutions in times of crisis. Can't remember the details from lessons earlier? Struggling to find the time to come down for a physical class? Fret not, we've got your covered.

Martial Arts Classes

Singapore Ninjutsu offers martial arts classes for adults and children.
Learn authentic ninja and samurai martial arts for fun, fitness, and self-defence.

Begin your journey today.
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Meet our Sensei

Singapore Ninjutsu is proudly part of the legendary Bujinkan Ryuko Dojo in the United Kingdom. Nachum Kaplan, an Australian, opened Singapore Ninjutsu upon moving to Singapore in 2007.
Sensei Nachum

Sensei Nachum Kaplan (Shidoshi)

Head Instructor

Nachum has been training for 23 years and holds a 7th degree black belt and has a Shidoshi licence (teaching licence) from the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan, where our art is headquartered.

Sensei Hui Wen Tong


Tong Hui Wen, who holds a third degree black belt, also knows what it takes, being one of the first two women to earn a black belt at Singapore Ninjutsu (she also holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo!).

Sensei Felicia Ang


Felicia Ang, who holds a third degree black belt, has been co-teaching children’s children’s programs since they began three years ago. She has been training for 10 years and has a Shidoshi-ho licence (teaching license) from the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan.

What our Students say

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Yi Fei


"Sensei Nachum teaches with detailed demonstration and clear explanation. Also, students are given plenty of time trying out the skills in pairs. For me, Ninjutsu is a perfect combination of fun and challenge. It teaches much more than you expect, the practice of courage, respect, wisdom and discipline."

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“Initially when I joined the school, I thought of learning Ninjutsu as a form of self defense only. But as I get exposed more to this art, I am really amazed how Ninjutsu has transformed me both physically and mentally."

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“Ninjutsu has completely changed my life for the better. I had dabbled in various martial arts for over 10 years but I always sensed that something was missing, but in my first lesson at Singapore Ninjitsu I knew I had found what I was looking for."

Our Ninjutsu Blog

Written exclusively by Sensei Nachum

Developing a growth mindset

Developing and maintaining a growth mindset is one of the keys to success in learning a martial art. A growth mindset is one in which you believe you can change, learn new things and improve. Read more…

Life Coaching

Martial arts have always been about far more than punches and kicks and my dojo has always boasted a strong focus on personal development. Building on this, and response to requests for this for a Read more…

Quality or convenience

Choosing the right martial arts class for your child is difficult and one of the biggest challenges is thinking about the trade-off between convenience and quality. Driving your kids all the way across the island Read more…

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