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Learn Authentic Ninja and Samurai Martial Arts


370 Telok Blangah Rd, Level 2, Singapore 098835

8138 9269 or 9735 2137

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​​NINJA STARTERS (5 - 7 years old)

Watch your child's confidence grow from the very first lesson as they learn postures, strikes, kicks, evasion, blocks, leaping, weapons (sword, staff, shuriken and more), ninja walking and more in our specially designed class for younger kids. It's great fun and will improve your child's co-ordination, focus and fitness. Book a free trial NOW!


LITTLE NINJAS (8 - 10 years old)

Traditionally ninja and samurai began training at 7 years old and you'll see why when you watch your child's confidence, fitness, focus and coordination improve from the very first lesson. They will have fun as they learn  postures, strikes, kicks, evasion, blocks, weapons, ground defence, calming exercises and more! Book a free trial class NOW!


SAMURAI WARRIORS (11 - 13 years old)

In old Japan, a Samurai was a full warrior at 15 years old, trained in this course’s teachings of postures, strikes, kicks, evasion, blocks, weapons, calming exercises and more. Fitness, focus, awareness, discipline and co-ordination develop fast in our carefully developed syllabus designed to boost your child's confidence. Book a free trial class NOW!



Our Adult program (14 years old and above) will take you step-by-step through the 10 ranks (kyu grades) that will lead you from total beginner to respected black belt. Not a sport in any way, Ninjutsu warrior training features unarmed combat, weapons skills, rich philosophy and the skills that made Japan's Ninja and Samurai Warriors the stuff of legend. Be your best self and take your first step on the warrior path by booking a free trial NOW!

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