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“Ninjutsu has completely changed my life for the better. I had dabbled in various martial arts for over 10 years but I always sensed that something was missing, but in my first lesson at Singapore Ninjutsu I knew I had found what I was looking for. Sensei Nachum, the indefatigable shidoshi of the Singapore Ninjutsu, epitomizes Ninjutsu in his daily life. He is a very skilled, focused and motivated master. He tempers his great diligence with a sense of humour, discipline and a warm heart, all while having exceptional skills. I have seen Ninjutsu masters in Japan, and Nachum is definitely among the very best. I am immensely grateful to have met him; and to be able to learn under his guidance and instruction. Ninjutsu is more than a martial art. It is a philosophy of living  of survival;  of finding yourself; of being at peace with yourself and it imbues you with a sense of defined purpose. It teaches you humility, respect, self discipline and it gives you the kind of quiet self confidence where you are not afraid to face the unknown.”

​​Ramesh, 40

“Coming out of my first class at Singapore Ninjutsu, I knew this art was for me. The classes are fun with a hands-on approach that allows us to learn at our own pace with other enthusiastic and welcoming students. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient. Training daily with Singapore Ninjutsu has led to major improvements in my fitness, my confidence, my movement, as well as a sense of greater fulfilment in my life. The training has helped me to overcome numerous difficulties experienced during the past four years, both in graduate studies and my personal life. Sensei Nachum has taught me to persevere through any hardship and to always keep going. The lessons taught at Singapore Ninjutsu have enriched my life and after many hours of hard work and perseverance, I earned my black belt in November 2019, an achievement that I am incredibly proud of. Studying at Singapore Ninjutsu has become a lifestyle with many valuable life lessons to offer, and because of this, I am now a better person.”

​​Wayne Bannister, 28, PhD Student

“Sensei Nachum is a remarkable instructor, a true martial artist, and a good guy. He is passionate in teaching and extremely patient, even when I need more time to understand. These qualities have inspired me to keep going and to learn more about this martial art. The opportunity to train is always a pleasure. Not only has Ninjutsu made me more disciplined, focused and confident, it also helps me better manage stress and keeps me active, both on the mats and off. Lastly, I have met a lot of good people in dojo whom I have learned a lot from too.”

​​Fandi, 29, Engineer

“Initially when I joined the school, I thought of  learning Ninjutsu as a form of self defense only. But as I get exposed more to this art, I am really amazed how Ninjutsu has transformed me both physically and mentally. Learning the art of Taijutsu not only improved my self-confidence, it also helped in enforcing my self-discipline which is important in life. The diversity of Ninjutsu and Sensei Nachum’s fun way of teaching definitely have me looking forward to each and every lesson.”

Lawrence, 26

“Forget about pop culture mythos and plunge into the reality of a millennium-old art. Ninjutsu is old and history-laden but it’s not ancient: it’s very much alive, will make you feel alive and, ultimately, may keep you alive. A martial art in its true sense, it will not only provide you with bone-crushing skills, it will train your body and your spirit, give you focus, a way to follow for a lifetime. Each of Sensei Nachum’s lessons is also a life lesson, and his teaching instills values such as self-discipline, persistence and humility without sacrificing the fun and friendly spirit.”

​​Max, 34

“I signed up for a trial and was hooked. Classes are conducted in a fun yet focused manner, starting from the basics and gradually building up to more advanced techniques. Shidoshi Nachum is a fantastic teacher and uses every opportunity to impart his knowledge in an authentic and safe manner. Training is very hands-on and he makes you want to learn more. I find the training to be empowering as it has helped me to develop calmness and an awareness of situations. This has been extremely useful especially when I am on business travel or travelling with my family… very re-assuring and will give you some peace of mind and an invigorated spirit.”

Shaun, corporate security profession with a US multinational

“Sensei, I thought I’d drop you a line to say how thrilled we are that our son Dan is making progress in Ninjutsu and really enjoying it. Thanks to his asthma he has always lagged physically and comparisons with his more adept and sports-mad sister were a little stark. However, he now has something sporty he can ‘own’ and we’re seeing a big difference in his effort elsewhere too. I think they’re connected. So thanks very much.”

​​David, parent

“We sincerely than you Sensei Nachum and Sensei Felicia for their leadership to the children.”

​​Kiran, parent

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